Womens Power

Women Empowerment

The organization takes an all encompassing view of empowerment that includes social, political and economic dimensions. Empowerment does not only mean the elimination of violence and discrimination in its most blatant forms, it also means ensuring that women have equal rights to access necessities such as nutritious food and healthy living. It also means that women are legally literate and can undertake advocacy and policy analysis such that they can better understand how their rights are being impacted and the measures they must take to protect them. The organization adopts a multi pronged strategy to deal with violations of women’s rights- forming linkages with the District Legal Services Authority for legal assistance, creating spaces for mediation for divorce, domestic abuse, marital problems, sexual violence, abuse at the workplace, land rights, trafficking, labour rights, adoption, discrimination etc. in addition to providing psychological support to women in distress. This is done in addition with an ongoing process of awareness creation through camps that focus on issues as RTE, RTI, Land Rights, Forest Rights etc.