Women’s Livelihood

KSS believes in creating an enabling environment for economic equality and strengthening employment options. It is helping women discover such livelihood options that cater to their needs and aspirations in a safe environment while being flexible enough to allow them the time and space to fulfil their responsibilities as home makers. Such options are inherently structured around control over local resources and a promotion of innate skills. The organisation plays a key role in development of new skills, qualitative enhancements of traditional skills, value additions to native crafts, development of management and marketing skills and establishment of market linkages. The long term impacts of this approach have been that as women become economically self sufficient, they have a greater role in decision making within their families and communities, are able to lead a life of dignity and migration is arrested.

The organisation has focussed on the Self Help Group model to promote livelihood options. This model draws on the innate saving habit of women and relies on the sense of mutual help for success. It keeps women from the clutches of usurious money lenders and also promotes judicious use of money.